: in the wake of calamity, heaven stands.

My heart sinks deeper into my chest with every news report from Boston. Images of bloody streets and horrified people flash on the television like a progression of surreal nightmares. Whether it was an international or domestic act of terror, a crime or conspiracy, yesterday was certainly a tragedy. Again, evil has claimed the world’s attention and darkness shook its fist in the face of Light. Millions of eyes turned to heaven for answers: Why did this happen? How could a loving God…?
Tragedy shatters humanity’s great illusion of control. With one act of terror, one phone call, or one plane crash, everything changes. All the money and fame in the world cannot stop these events. Tragedy reminds us that we are all vulnerable beings at the mercy of something, or someone, else. We cannot protect ourselves from suffering in the same way that we cannot protect ourselves from the sun or rain or laughter or tears—it is simply a part of existing.
Why did this happen? I do not know.
How could a loving God let this take place? I do not know.
But this much I do know to be true: God’s grace runs through every building, sewer, and road in the city of Boston—it reaches into every crevice covered by bloody remnants of yesterday’s tragedy. His love goes deeper than any fear invoked by two bombs on Boylston Street. His ability to heal far outweighs any person’s ability to destroy. His peace can soothe the thousands of weary souls in despair; give rest to questioning minds. Though we tremble in the wake of calamity, heaven stands. God stands.
Death and evil do not have the last word. They may rant and rave like lunatics in the streets, but they will not prevail. God has the last word, the all-encompassing voice of triumph, and he has already spoken: “I am making everything new… It is done. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End… Yes, I am coming soon!” (Revelation 21-22).
Come, Lord Jesus, come.

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