: heaven stands

The world is shaking, yet heaven stands. There is no pain God cannot heal, no cycle God cannot break, and no city in which God cannot infuse hope.

Jesus died for the angry mob that brutally murdered him. He died for the cowardly Pharisees who hid behind religious laws and tradition to justify unthinkable things. He died for an unnamed thief who lived his entire life in rebellion against God. He died for the oppressed and privileged, thieves and theologians, cops and criminals, peaceful protestors and violent rioters. He died while we yelled, “Crucify him” in the streets. He did not throw up his hands and say, “I’ve been angry before, but I’ve never responded like THAT.” No, he wooed a rebellious people into repentance with his kindness.

Let us show this same empathy to those in Ferguson (and beyond), knowing Jesus is coming again with love and justice, giving voices to the oppressed and strengthening the weak, once and for all.

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