In the beginning (God created every bit of tissue being sold for profit)

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. With a breath, He brought everything into existence out of nothing. He created light and life and animals and laughter and gravity and stars and moons. He created the sea and sunshine and colors and day and night. He created joy and peace and hope and anticipation. Take a minute to look around—God created it all. Finally, crowning the entire thing in glory, He made human beings in His own likeness, and it was very good.

Then, a million-some-odd days later, God created me.

Lacing my hands and feet and personality and DNA together with great care and affection, He made me. This is the beginning of my story: An untouchably inventive and loving God brought me to life. I am not alive because my parents wanted to have a fourth child, but I am alive because God. I am not alive because I eat well or exercise or go to church every week. I am alive because God. 

The same is true for you, too.
The beginning of your story is God.
You are not here because of a one-night stand, a crazy, drunken mistake in college, or even a desperate last attempt to conceive by two loving parents. You are here because the all-powerful God who formed billions of galaxies wanted you here.

The same is true for every child.
The beginning of their stories is God.
He breathes and sustains life in the wombs of women across the world. Intricately weaving unique individuals together with unfathomably wonderful purposes, He designs children to be loved and nurtured and delighted in. He designs each child with dreams to be unlocked and wonderful adventures to be had.

Yet every day in America alone, three thousand children are being murdered in the wombs of their mothers. Three thousand purposes destroyed. Three thousand destinies unfulfilled. Three thousand gifts thrown in the fire. Three thousand doctors, dreamers, artists, engineers, fathers, mothers. Three thousand sisters, brothers, friends, teachers. Three thousand you’s. Three thousand me’s.

Even more tragically, the whole thing is being celebrated. Ignored. Legalized. Used for profit. Lung tissue that was designed to one day breathe in the breath of God is being sold for a hundred dollars. Brain tissue that was one day designed to explore the depths of His knowledge and wisdom is being sold for a hundred dollars. Hands and feet that were one day meant to bring the Gospel to the ends of the Earth are being sold for dimes and nickels.

Voices meant to praise God are being stripped away every day.
Hearts meant to be ravished by His affection are killed.
Eyes meant to see His wonders are destroyed.

Christians, now is the time. I urge you to use your voice to stop the massacre. Do not stand idly by. Use your voice to “speak out on behalf of the voiceless, and for the rights of all who are vulnerable” (Proverbs 31:8). For the sake of millions of children unborn. For the sake of millions of in the beginnings. Use your voice.

You can click here to watch the new video of a Planned Parenthood executive haggling over baby part prices. Here is the unedited version. And here is recently written article I found helpful as a starting point regarding abortion and Christian responsibility.

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