On (Finally) Saying Stop

At some point, you will have to look in the eyes of fear and shame and whatever else it is that nags at your soul and say, “Stop.”

Nobody else will do it for you. Nobody else can do it for you, really, since your life is your life. Your voice is your voice. Your relationship with God is your relationship with God.

A little while ago, I started writing a song based on the realization that if I didn’t tell Fear the truth, false realities and the opinions of other people would drive my life. I jumped out of the shower with a few lyrics and started yell-singing at Todd—partly so he could figure out the chord structure, but also partly because I’ve always wanted to yell at Satan like a crazy person ever since seeing Priscilla Shirer do it in that War Room movie. I sang, “Fear is a liar, Shame’s a thief, Guilt is dead, and I am free!” over and over again, storing those words in the deepest crevice of me.

A few weeks later, I finished the song with Paul Duncan (@paultduncan) and basically cry every time I hear it because it’s an anthem for my soul nowadays.

It can be frustrating, no doubt, to grab hold of the truth and feel like you’ve finally figured it out, just to find yourself curled up in another ball over a different situation 23 seconds later. But that’s life. The lies and attacks and surprise sufferings are inevitable. The part that’s up to YOU is saying, “Stop.”

Saying Stop to the remorseless lies of fear that tell you the future is flushing down a proverbial toilet and the sun will never shine again. Saying Stop to the whispers of shame that lather your body image in negativity and end with you looking at semi-illegal weight loss pills you saw on a commercial at midnight. Saying Stop to the condemning screams of guilt that drive you into a life of doing More and More and More until you feel acceptable enough.

It’s up to you to say Stop.

Fear is a liar.
Shame is a thief
Guilt is dead.
You are free.

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